Small Businesses Acquiring Together.

We are leveling the playing field for small businesses, bringing community, network, and connection into e-commerce by providing you to sell, market, and grow together.

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Why pay Facebook and Google thousands of dollars a month?

With one flat fee and a few clicks, you can get your brand in front of hyper-target consumers. And promote like-minded small businesses.

Save Time

Reach Thousands of Consumers

Earn Extra Revenue

Lower Customer Acquisition

Say Goodbye To Siloed and Fragment Ecommerce Selling

We help a network of brands and retailers increase revenue and grow their brand with new customers by working together. Acquiring customers with thousands of dollars in ad spend, and competing with big-box retailers is the old way.

Cross Promoted with Like-Minded Brands

Increases ROI with Hyper-Targeted Customers

Find Thousands of New Customers

Expand Your Brand Reach

Leverage your Community to Grow

Lower your CAC

Our awesome features

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The New Way Of Acquiring Customers. How Does It Work?

We connect all small businesses stores. Learn about each stores customers and allow non-competitive stores to advertise to each others’ customers.


We Sync inventory, shipping, & payments across leading platforms so your entire operations communicate and update automatically. Start selling within minutes and manage all sales within your own Shopify store.

Our awesome features


Increased exposure for your brand and get sales through selling on the City Shoppe Marketplace and through your own custom branded storefront.​

Be Apart of National Campaigns

Be apart of campaigns with other liked minded brands to a larger targeted audience, and most importantly have control over it. City Shoppe provides a content calendar of campaigns you can sign up for that we segment and distribute to thousands of consumers.​

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Automated By Us

We create beautifully designed campaigns to send to your customers and our list of targeted customers. We're taking something off of your plate, and exposing your brand to new sets of consumers. ​​

Grow in New Markets

Find new customers and expand your brand with other like-minded businesses. Use the City Shoppe directory to find brands to share in email, social marketing, and ads, and City Shoppe will distribute the content to target audiences.​

Our awesome features

300 Small Businesses, 35,00o Products To Acquire New Customers With.

Build community with other small businesses.​ Campaign through email and social and grow together.

20,000 customers, 30% will love your brand.

DTC Men's And Boys Apparel From New York.​

Women Owned Eco-Friendly Social Good

25,000 customers. 20% will love your brand.

Boutique in Beverly Hills.

Made in USA.

5,000 customers, 10% will love your brand.

DTC UK Streetwear

Sustainable Products

10,000 customers, 20% will love your brand.

Brick and Mortar Skincare in Portland, Oregon POC Owned Organic Products

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Our Partners Success

"I absolutely love having my products on City Shoppe. I love that I am part of a great community of other small businesses, and can reach a whole new customer base from around the country!"

Beverly & 3rd
Chicago, IL

"City Shoppe allows us and other small businesses in the city to get in front of eyes that would otherwise not see us and create a special online community of its own."

Project 615
Nashville, TN

"I love selling on City Shoppe. They help small businesses grow. It is so important to support the American Dream. City Shoppe does that and I’m thankful to be a part of the community."

Darrellene Designs
Dallas, TX

Why? Facts Of Ecommerce For A Small Business

Selling online should not be DIY.

A cookie-less future is inevitable. What does that mean? First, what is a cookie? It is a tracker that tracks all of us on everything we visit on mobile and our computers, whether it is sites, social media, or search. This Cross-app tracking allows advertisers (companies with large ad budgets) to target ads based on behaviors on other sites and apps.

Apple’s new IOS update changing everything about how sites track users. And now requires a deliberate opt-in from users to permit software to track them across apps. 96% of iPhone users opted out of app tracking in the latest iOS 14.5 update.Google also announced that by the end of 2022 Chrome would no longer support third-party cookies. That means that now advertisers can only track one click per user. Facebook now META is an advertising company that collects data through their facebook pixel. Before FB could track multiple events of a user on a site. But now the tracking can only be on one event. So if a brand has the Facebook pixel to track page views, add to cart and purchases, to then use to retarget customers, the brand will only be able to report 1 event. Either purchases or add to cart, not both.

SMBs were already impacted prior to the new privacy updates. Only 2% of brands own the first page of their search results and customers don't go past page 1 on google. Yet, search advertising is the most successful form of converting consumers. So for an SMB your brand or website is not getting found in search and you are left to social media for advertising and acquisition. And the new privacy update impacts paid ads on instagram getting found, but organic content on social media will also become more challenging. The majority of consumers live in the explore section of instagram. There are 95 million posts made every day, If customers are not directly searching for what you sell, and your ads won't be able to directly target an audience, your chances of your posts being found by new followers, is very small.

Only single platforms win in the future of ecommerce. At City Shoppe, we don't rank products based off of ad spend like Amazon. Instead we work together with our partners like you, and we build customer profiles based on what they are shopping for. For example, as a user uses our site and clicks on women owned, a specific city, specific categories or brand values, we build a custom profile for them. And then create emails of products and brands based on that interest. So the consumer gets personalized content sent to them, and your brand gets in front of hyper-targeted customers. 

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