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The e-commerce acquisition industry is $56B, and 50% of e-commerce is allocated to one company, Amazon. SMBs spend millions and thousands of hours to be discovered but have no ROI.

For example, one of City Shoppe's clients spent $100k on Facebook ads last year with zero return. E-commerce is projected to account for 95% of purchases by 2040; therefore, if we do not have innovative solutions like City Shoppe, our SMB community will be nearly nonexistent.

 In 2022, global e-commerce sales are speculated to surpass at least $ 1 trillion. Interestingly, out of total global retail sales for this year, 20% will come from online sales. These figures are expected to continue rising over the coming years since many people are shifting to online shopping. In 2025, e-commerce sales are expected to exceed $ 7 trillion. Ecommerce is proving to be a better option for retailers, especially for small businesses.

To help small businesses sell their products online and make more profit, City Shoppe has partnered with Shopify. The partnership will help small businesses sell online by providing a platform where customer can find their products quickly. In addition, the online platform will help small businesses access millions of customers shopping online.

With the use of marketing tools and SEO-based content, City Shoppe and Shopify will help small businesses sell more online. Apart from making profits, the partnership is meant to help small businesses access consumers in equal measures as the established brands.

For many years, big brands have disadvantaged small businesses where people would consider their products due to their popularity. As a result, many consumers were spending more money to buy a product while they could get it at a fair price from a small business. Now, the partnership between City Shoppe and Shopify is changing this narrative. 

The partnership is helping consumers discover these small businesses and get a quality product at a pocket-friendly price. City Shoppe and Shopify offer a platform for small businesses to sell their product and take advantage of their huge following and customer fan base that use Shopify to buy products. 

As a small business owner, you can be a part of the e-commerce sales and get a share of the $ 1 trillion expected in this year's e-commerce sales. In addition, you'll be able to connect with customers looking for your products. It's an approach that will increase your revenue and improve your brand visibility.

On the other hand, City Shoppe provides customers with free local shipping. Each retailer from our platform provides free shipping.

You can shop by the city for clothes, home accessories, food and beverage, and other products available on our website. At City Shoppe, we value quality over quantity, and we only choose the best brands for our customers.

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